News from Clubhouse, the Official Podcast, and Austin Peachey (commentary)

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Source: Official Podcast 346, January 2020 Clubhouse Magazine, Austin Peachey

5 New Headlines: Club 2019 / Album 68

May’s Club Episode / Art
Emily’s Nemesis
June’s Club Episode
“A Sacrificial Escape” Composer
3 Episode Titles / Writers in Album 68!

Source: May 2019 Clubhouse Magazine,, Austin Peachey, Phil Lollar on Facebook (via Mark Redekop)

Too Many Headlines to List Here!

“30th Birthday Live Show” Audio Quality Check
Album 65 Airdates
“The Sandwich Initiative” Plot Hint
Name of and Next Episode with the Meltsners’ Puppy
Buck’s and His Relatives’ Names to Be Revealed
Characters Featured in “The Toy”
Jason’s Girlfriend
Untitled Blackgaard Chronicles Book 4 Episode Basis
Release Year for Blackgaard Books 3 and 4
Cover Art for “Freedom at the Falls”

Source: Official Podcast, Austin Peachey