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Hey guys! I got a job and school is finishing up, so sorry I haven’t posted recently. In the meantime, our friend Riley has been getting the scoop straight from Nathan Hoobler and Bob Hoose! Check him out! He only has 6 followers, so if all of my followers clicks the “Follow” button, he’ll have at least 25!

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This blog has been going on for around two months, and it only has 6 followers counting myself. You could help this blog by telling people about it.

Peace out ✌

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A Quick Note

Hey all! I know there is a bunch of new episode information out, including three new books and a special album, and I will be on it as soon as possible. I’ll give the headlines here:
A Look at “Terror in the Tunnel,” “Cross-Check,” and “Young Whit and the Shroud of Secrecy”
Camp On It Album Unboxing
May’s Club Episode / Art
Emily’s Nemesis
June’s Club Episode
“A Sacrificial Escape” Composer
3 Episode Titles / Writers / Directors in Album 68!
Scientific Guy at 20,000 AIOWiki Edits
Avengers: Endgame Released in Theaters
Lee Going to the Prom on May 3

🙂 I also plan to have a new introductory message soon. The weekend’s coming!
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